Whether your home was flooded as a result of a natural disaster or because one of your pipes burst, it's important to properly care for your property while you wait for a flood restoration team to arrive.  Although the experts will certainly have a number of tools at their disposal to help you preserve your home and belongings, there are things you can do in the mean time that can go a long way toward keeping your valuables intact.  Use this information to learn more about what you should do while you wait for the flood damage restoration professionals to arrive.

Use Aluminum Foil As A Barrier

While it is certainly a good idea to remove your furniture and other belongings away from sections of your home that have been flooded out, you may not have the space in other areas of your house to place the items.  If this is the case, consider using aluminum foil as a barrier.

Aluminum foil is water insoluble, meaning that water cannot seep through it.  You can place it beneath the legs of the tables, sofas and chairs in your home.  You can also lay a solid sheet of foil down beneath items such as bookshelves or stereo systems.  This helps to prevent contact between wet surfaces and your goods so that you can protect the items from further water damage.  If you find that you need even more protection, use bricks or square stones to prop up your furniture.

Crank Up Your Heating Or Air Conditioning Unit

Another thing that helps after water damage is a steady stream of air.  Although it is certainly ideal if you happen to have large, commercial fans to do the trick, you can also use your basic heating and air conditioning unit to dry out wet carpeting or upholstery.

Set your unit to 'high', and be sure that your thermostat is not on automatic.  You want to make sure that it is set to 'on' so that the air continuously blows out throughout the day.  Regardless of whether the air coming from your vents is hot or cold, it will start to dry the wet materials in your house right away.

Taking these measures even before the water damage restoration squad arrives means that you are doing your part to preserve what you have.  The next time your home is flooded, start using these tips immediately for a satisfactory result.