Winter is fast approaching. Along with it comes the cold winds, bitter cold, and blistering snow. Oftentimes, your home ends up taking a beating along the way. Many homeowners end up finding themselves stuck having to pay for added repairs due to the damage left from the wake of the storm. While homes are generally able to withstand quite a lot, there are certain things that you just cannot predict are going to happen. Here are three common areas of concern homeowners might have to deal with following a winter storm.

Roofs, Porches, Carports and Outbuildings

While an inch or two of snow might look pretty on the ground, 10–15 inches of snow can end up taking their toll on your property. Your roof, carport, porches and outbuildings aren't built to withstand all the added weight of the snow. Because of this, your structure could end up having the roof collapsing and falling down inside of your property. When that happens, all of the snow is going to come barreling down with it. In turn, you end up with water damage and a whole host of other problems.

Windows and Doors

High winds can cause tree branches to end up breaking off and being thrown through the air all over the place. As those tree branches come whipping through the air, they can crash right into your windows and doors and leave them broken and shattered. Not only do you have to replace the windows and doors, but you have to hope that there isn't a bunch of water damage as well from the snow coming inside your home.

Food Spoilage

While this might not relate to the structure of your home, many homeowners end up having to deal with a bunch of spoiled food from the power being out. Most of the time, the refrigerator will be fine when the power resumes, but all of the food inside isn't going to be if the power was out for a few days. Depending on how bad it was, you might end up having to replace the refrigerator because the smell from the spoiled food is just too much to try and clean from the appliance.

Thankfully, you won't have to worry about spending a fortune out of your own pocket when you have insurance in place to protect your home. Discuss the specifics of what you are covered for and what you are going to have to pay out of your own pocket. This way you are prepared for the blistering, cold winters that lie ahead. For more information, talk to an insurance company like Nordic Services Inc.